House and pet sitting is a great way to save money, with the added bonus of furry companionship!

Arranging house sits can be a juggle, and involves a lot of wasted time in fruitless applications. At Borders, we handle all the scheduling for you. Once you’re on the books, you become part of a select pool of sitters eligible for rent free accommodation, with stays as short or as long as you like – one week to several months.

We like to think of ourselves as matchmakers for Sitters!

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Wasting all your money on rent? Living rent-free is the best way to get ahead. House & Pet Sitting with Borders Pet Sitting Co. means you can live in someone else’s house while you save for a house of your own.  Stop renting and start saving today.


Save money on accomodation to spend on your travels instead. House & Pet Sitting with Borders Pet Sitting Co. means you can have your own space in some of the best areas in Perth. Extended stays available. Live like the locals without the price tag!

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We’re on the hunt for house and pet sitt


House & Pet Sitting with Borders Pet Sitting Co. offers flexibility to pick and choose when and where you want to live. Be closer to campus and enjoy having your own space to come home to.  Borders provides a structured and safe support to ensure you’re looked after as much as the pets and their owners.

Our sitters come from all walks of life, and we appreciate your individual needs and preferences. If you’re after consecutive house sits, we can work with that. Prefer the flexibility of occasional overnight jobs? No problem.


Bronwyn McSweeny

They vetted the house and pets, found me perfect matches, were there for support and back up if I needed and helped improve my own service with their great suggestions and checklists.  I couldn't recommend them more highly!

Sarah Marlan

Being a sitter for Borders has been a very positive experience for me. My daughter now lives in Perth ( I live in NSW) and so sitting has allowed me to spend time with her without having to invade her personal space too much!!

Densil Collinson & Meron Erlandsen

It is an amazing experience to have the care of the pets and can thoroughly recommend using this service. We have thoroughly enjoyed our pet/house sits.

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